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Markéta Janoušková at FolkloreClasic _Martina Adlerová


Markéta Janoušková in the co-operation with a traditional Czech  dulcimber band presents a unique concert project, which straddles the border between classical and folklore music.

Czech violinist Markéta Janoušková, in cooperation with the Dulcimer band of Jiří Janoušek, presents an original crossover concert project FolkloreClassic  which straddles the border between classical and folklore music. The concert combines these two genres, both to which this young musician is highly committed at a very high standard. FolkloreClassic is created on the bases of raw neofolkloristic spirit -  Janáček, Martinů or Bartók meets the „superfolklore“ and its mirroring in the traditional passionate tunes, czardasz vibes and deep harmonies. FolkloreClassic presents two parts of the musical soul of mostly Czech composers. The programme is exceptionally well-executed violin work of great mostly czech composers, which were deeply influenced by traditional Czech and Moravian music, folklore, traditional roots and the great pieces of folklore.  Since the premiere, the concert project FolkloreClassic has been presented at several Czech classical music festivals and orchestra chamber series, as well as at festivals in Germany, Belgium or Slovakia and has been warmly recieved by the critics and the audience. In September 2019, we released an online CD "Folklorique", published under the recording label Supraphone.  



"FolkloreClassic reaches to the highest level by the quality and spontaneous musiclity of all the artists". Hudební Rozhledy

 "...ravishingly perfomed by Markéta Janoušková...her dedicated virtuosity and equel deep musical sensibility... succesful concert of FolkloreClassic comes to the end"

Markéta Janoušková at FolkloreClasic _Martina Adlerová_edited.jpg

Markéta about Folklore and  FolkloreClassic:

„I have been surrounded by folklore music since I was born. As the daughter of a lead violinist of a traditional dulcimer band, I had no other choice anyhow....I am "a daughter of the band". Even though my education is classical and I regard myself primarily as a classical violinist, I have always been involved in folklore music and come to it at least for the inspiration. Seeing so many incredible musicians and traditional singers who can touch your heart powerfully despite exlusive education or hours of practising just makes me feel humble in front of music itself.  FolkloreClassic is my dreamy project which mirrors and connects my two beloved two genres. It is an hommage to musical roots of my corner of Europe and simply an incredibly fun project to play."

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