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June 2nd


STORY of L´Astre:

Spring 2020: lockdown. I spent two montns at my family´s beloved cabin in Czech Highlands with my dad. For the first time in my adulthood, I experienced blooming spring. Started learning Prokofiev´s Sonata there just not to get out of shape. It became my happy piece.

Spring 2021: lockdown. Hindemith, von Knorr, de Zeegant. Didn´t want to get out of shape. 

Spring 2022: Easter. Didn´t want to get out of shape, recorded a CD. the meanwhile, many many hours of practising, organising, e-mailing, editing, stress,  sweat and tears and laughs...

Spring 2023: boxes of CDs arrived...

2. 6. official release date...




MUSIC of L´Astre:

Paul Hindemith: Violin Sonata in G minor, op. 11., no. 6

Ernst-Lothar von Knorr: Partita in G minot for Violin Solo

Sergei Prokofiev: Sonata for Solo Violin in D Major, op. 115

Jacques-Aphonese de Zeegant: Sonata

"l´Astre Bleu" for Violin Solo, dedicated to Markéta Janoušková

Recording, Markéta Janoušková _Jeremy Knowles
PEOPLE of L´Astre
violin: Markéta Janoušková
team: Jakub Hadraba, Johannes Endl
text of booklet: Elisabeth Hahn
photos: Petra Klačková, Jeremy Knowles
CD: team of GENUIN
_DS02840usm2 (1).jpg
My STARS of L´Astre:

-my kind sponsors: Mr. Maerschalck, von Knorr Stiftung, SoundCzech, Hulencourt Golf Club

-Mr. J.-A. de Zeegant

-my family and inner circle with a special mention to my sister Kristýnka to whom I dedicated this CD

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